Bush and Beyond Guided Walks

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Bush & Beyond is the longest running guiding concession in Kahurangi National Park in New Zealand.
Owned and operated by Bill Rooke and Maryann Ewers, it has built a sound reputation as an ecologically based operation, with a concern for the Parks natural values. Maryann is a descendent of two of the early pioneer families of the district.

Mission Statement

To leave our clients with a greater understanding of how fragile and important New Zealand's unique natural environment is, and that every effort should be made to preserve, intact, what is left of it. We see education as the key to conservation, and that globally, the preservation of what is left of our natural environment is one of the most important factors in mankind's survival.
Member since: 02 Oct 2001

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Bush and Beyond employs local people and businesses in its operation.

Where possible, Bush & Beyond uses local produce on all trips (e.g. fruit and vegetables).

Environmental responsibility

In ten years of operation, Bush & Beyond has operated on a 'Leave only footprints' basis, along the lines of true Eco Tourism.
Bird lists are compiled on each trip and rare bird sightings reported to the Department of Conservation.
Bush & Beyond has organised a volunteer based society, 'Friends of Flora', which is trapping introduced predators (e.g. stoats, rats and ferrets), with the object of returning endangered bird species such as the rare Blue Duck, to the area.
The operating procedures and the importance of the project are shown to clients on some Bush & Beyond trips.

Social responsibility

We are available on short notice for search & rescue missions through the local police and Search & Rescue organisation. The mountains and valleys of Kahurangi can be dangerous places for the ill equipped and inexperienced. All guides are trained in first aid procedures, and must have extensive knowledge of local conditions.

Education based trips are available free to local schools.

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