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Tell Tale Travel aims to guarantee ethically-aware consumers a culturally-rich experience in the space of the average holiday. Tell Tale Travel's customers have holidays outside the guide book, experience real life at their destination, and really feel they know the place when they leave. Tell Tale Travel is based London. It has initially launched in Thailand, however, intends to launch in other countries.

Tell Tale Travel believes that one of the best ways of learning about a destination country is through its people. However, most people only meet locals when they are being ‘served’ by them – Tell Tale Travel wants tourists and locals to meet as equals.
Member since: 27 Jan 2006

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • By living in the community, you will bring all important income directly to the local shops and services (e.g. taxis) which normally wouldn't benefit from any tourist income at all.
  • We aim to provide guests with as much background on the cultural differences they are likely to come across during their stay along with accurate and detailed descriptions of exactly what to expect without spoiling the best surprises. Additional useful information can be found in articles on the site.
  • For our hosts, we are taking every opportunity to provide any necessary assistance, education and training as requested.

Environmental responsibility

  • We accept our responsibility to promote the respectful use of the environment to all our guests.
  • Most guests will be making good use of public transport during their stay anyway, but issues such as the efficient use of water is a key message that we try to get across in our web site articles, for example.
  • While we share the concerns of many about the pollution from un-taxed air fuel, we also recognise that revenues from responsible and sustainable tourism are vital to the economies of developing countries such as Thailand as well as to our improved understanding of other cultures.

Social responsibility

  • All trips are deliberately designed to be as socially responsible as possible by working in harmony with the daily lives of local people. Sourcing accommodation and activities from local communities means that the local people benefit directly from your visit. Your visit provides our Hosts with additional income without distracting them too much from their daily lives and main sources of revenue. This helps to ensure that we do not distort local economies by making them dependent on our custom.
  • Where possible we employ local staff who provide us with the intimate, first-hand knowledge we need to administer local bookings and maintain good relationships with our many Hosts. All staff are retained under UK law and provided with the requisite opportunities and resources for training and development.
  • As an organisation our chosen charity is Medecins Sans Frontieres to whom we send donations when the opportunity arises.

Started in 2005, this holiday company was born of its owner's failure to find an adventure holiday company that offered unusual trips full of insider experiences - exactly what they offer now.
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