Walk With Jith

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'Walk With Jith', a corporate member of the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka, University of Colombo, is an eco-tourism organization which is not a large-scale venture, conscious of its environmental, social and economic responsibilities. It specializes in bird watching, wildlife, cultural and eco tours, including friendly home staying, in Sri Lanka.

The trips are led by Prasanjith Caldera, one of the country's most experienced trekkers and birders. Our mission is to give you both a relaxing holiday and a taste of Sri Lanka as Sri Lankans live it.
Member since: 09 Feb 2006

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We will not promote commercial sales aimed at tourists. Rather we ensure that our rates are reasonable, and that the money you spend will directly and positively affect people at the village level.
  • We seek to improve the lives of the people who affect & conserve the bird habitats by buying products and services including home staying, guiding services etc.

Environmental responsibility

  • We do not use audio play backs to attract animals, as this could negatively affect their behaviour. To our knowledge, we are the first tour business in Sri Lanka to have only totally playback free bird watching tours. We also want to put pressure on the bird watching tour guides and tour companies, to stop harmful playbacks, by providing playback free bird watching options to travellers.
  • We make sure that the people who affect and conserve the environments get profited from our business. We believe that this helps to protect the environment, which the traveller, locals and our business, use and benefit from.
  • Our travelling methods include reduced fossil fuel usage such as trains, three-wheelers rather than luxury coaches.

Social responsibility

  • We arrange one day workshops, lectures and similar activities in rural schools with lesser facilities. We give a chance to our clients to participate in these small programs. The activities could be in art, craft, painting, dancing, music, science, sports or any other thing important to child education. The objective of this program is to;
    1. Build understanding of different cultures
    2. Give a chance to give away knowledge and experience
    3. Create a better education environment to the children with lesser facilities.
  • We make sure that the travellers interact more with the locals, in their village, work environment or houses, rather than with commercialized businesses or hotels. By doing so we hope that there is productive knowledge sharing and inter-cultural linking, beneficial for both the travellers and the locals, than negative cultural impacts.
  • Special free guided tours are sponsored to media personnel and other scholars to promote dialog on ethical and environmental issues and also to spread new findings about ecosystems. The founder and other team members work as research associates and the organization has two official scientific advisors.