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Tribes would like to invite you to see some particularly special parts of this earth through the eyes of the people who live there. Their empathy with the land, their respect for the wildlife and its habitat, and their deep-rooted beliefs in their traditional lifestyle will leaves a lasting impression on you.
Member since: 06 Apr 2001

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Tribes fair trade policy ensure than on average 75% of the price of the trip (excluding flights) stays in the destination
Tribes works in cooperation with local communities to create their trips, and utilises local guides, services and accomodation
Tribes takes care to ensure you are able to buy both highly original and appropriate gifts from the local community

Environmental responsibility

Tribes reduces waste in the UK by using brochure inserts and by recycling
Tribe's Travellers Code helps visitors gain greater insight into local flora and fauna and to minimise impacts
Many of Tribes trips involve local conservationists and visits will directly contribute to conservation

Social responsibility

As a Tribes guest you will receive pre-trip information the social and environmental backgrounds of destinations
Tribe's extensive Travellers Code suggest ways to enjoy your trip and minmise any negative impacts in destinations
Almost all of Tribes guides are local people, or indigenous people when in tribal lands Because Tribes is a Fair Trade tour operator all the trips involve and benefit local people

Tribes Fair trade Travel is committed to providing travellers with exceptional experiences and to promoting respect for local communities and their envirinments. On average 75% of the cost of your trip - excluding flights - remains in the destination. Tribes was voted most responsible tour operator by UK NGO Tourism Concern.
Husband and wife team Amanda and Guy have enjoyed their fair share of adventures - from canoeing in the Congo to driving from London to Cape Town. They founded this company in 1998 to share their love of travel - and benefit the destinations they work in.
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