Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel

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A small adventure travel company, specialising in escorted small group tours and tailored holidays in Asia, Northern Africa and South America.

Our itineraries are designed to offer a blend of luxury and adventure and focus on offering our clients the chance to get away from mass-tourism, and have a truly unique cross-cultural experience. Emphasis is placed on interaction with local communities and experiencing the incredible landscapes, cultures and lesser-known attractions of the area we visit.

Our company is the recipient of the Best Ethical Travel Company accolade at the 2012 Guardian Observer Annual Travel Awards.
Member since: 31 Mar 2006

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Staying in locally owned and run accommodation (hotels and home-stays) wherever possible.
  • Employing the services of local guides for areas of interest and using ground agents in each country.
  • Purchasing trip supplies from local businesses/sources

Environmental responsibility

  • All guides are trained to be environmentally aware and take responsibility for ensuring our clients follow strict guidelines. Our groups follow all rules and regulations imposed by local bodies in the places we travel to
  • All waste is disposed of in an appropriate manner, and when no facilities are available carried until we find somewhere where waste can be disposed of responsibly
  • We are also affiliated to “Climate Care” (dedicated to reducing green-house gas emissions from flights) and make a financial contribution to this organisation for every client we carry.

Social responsibility

  • Supporting several community benefiting NGOs including Tesfa, Adopt-a-minefield, The HOPE foundation, MAG, A-CET Ethiopia, The Ladakh Project and the Genye Nomadic Community School project. Details of all of these organisations can be seen on our website
  • Ensure our guides and clients are sensitive to local attitudes and act responsibly in their interaction with local people.
  • Clients and guides are briefed on local customs and general courtesy (such as asking permission before taking photographs/dress-codes/conduct in places of worship etc) and behave appropriately.

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