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PoD provides the opportunity for people to volunteer and make a difference overseas, while experiencing incredible parts of the world that are rich in culture, variety and natural beauty. We have over 10 years of experience of arranging ethical, inspiring and supported volunteer opportunities around the world.

As a non-profit organisation we are able to offer great value 1 week 1 year working holidays, gaps years, expeditions and career breaks at our volunteers projects in Belize, Cambodia, Ghana, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam.

You can choose from a wide range of child care, teaching, community development, animal and conservation opportunities around the world. So whether you want to learn to dive and contribute to marine conservation in Thailand, work hands on with elephants in South Africa, help at an orphanage in Cambodia, assist with community building in Ghana, teach in a Himalayan town in Nepal or join and Amazon conservation project in Peru then we have the project for you!

We support on-going projects by providing passionate and committed volunteers to aid long term projects which we know personally ensuring that there is a benefit to the volunteers, the charities and organisations we work with, and most importantly the local environment and communities.
Member since: 31 Mar 2006

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • By sending volunteers to work with local communities we are both directly and indirectly contributing to the local economies. Our volunteers are passing on skills that can help locals to earn a living through teaching, healthcare and transfer of professional skills.

  • In each of the countries we work in we are responsible for the employment of nationals from that country.

  • PoD also supports its projects through the Personal Overseas Development Charity (UK charity number 1139629) by making donations to local charities in the countries we work in and encouraging our volunteers to undertake fundraising to support the projects they will / have worked in.

Environmental responsibility

  • Through our projects, volunteers are directly helping the environment, such as through our jungle conservation project in Peru where reforestation is a major initiative.

  • We work with a 'carbon neutral' charity to help ensure that an amount of carbon is sequestered through tree planting or the promotion of low energy technologies.

  • We educate our volunteers and customers to encourage minimising waste, careful use of water and not supporting activities that damage the environment e.g. souvenirs made from animals or artefacts.

Social responsibility

  • Through our projects our volunteers have a major focus on social responsibility, whether it is through teaching English, healthcare, animal rescue, or helping at one of the many care homes and orphanages we work with.

  • Before volunteers depart we provide them with a detailed information pack on the area they will be visiting and we also carry out local introductions and cultural training once they arrive.

  • We try to educate and encourage our volunteers and customers to understand and respect local cultures and customs, get involved with local communities and buy locally and support local businesses.

The perfect combination of a former teacher and a tour guide who volunteered together in 2001 - and realised the need to connect more NGOs with volunteer travellers. They know each project personally, and ensure each placement brings genuinely positive results.
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