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Reach Out Volunteers is an organisation that reaches out to third world communities throughout Asia, South America, and South Africa. ROV will give you the opportunityto do with humanitarian work and animal conservation to make a lasting change. Volunteers undertake hands-on work s building houses for homeless families across Asia, schools and crèches across South America and South Africa, and running education and medical projects across each of the three continents. Reach Out also runs wildlife conservation projects across Asia and Africa. Volunteers help protect endangered species around the world by tracking, monitoring, feeding and providing a safe refuge for future breeding.
Member since: 23 Aug 2012

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Economic responsibility

Reach Out Volunteers employ local tradesmen for all community development projects. We hire locals from the community to run language classes for our volunteers. We purchase all equipment locally and we always use local accommodation and food suppliers. We supply communities with medication and a way to access safe drinking water through installing filtration devices. On all projects we supply the community school or orphanage we work at with education materials. Reach Out Volunteers also visit previously established organisations and charities such as the A.O.E.O in Cambodia, supplying education materials.

Environmental responsibility

Our volunteers have built 3 classrooms and assisted in running educational programs and cleaned over 7 tones of rubbish. We have spent over 500 hours using radio telemetry and GPS equipment to track and monitor the critically endangered African wild-dogs, white rhinos and cheetahs and removed over 100 poacher snares from game reserves. We have trained over 60 people to help implement a marine protected area whilst obtaining their scuba diving license and helped rehabilitate 12 rescued Asian elephants. Reach Out Volunteers also take volunteers to Asia where they work alongside rescued elephants on rehabilitation programs. Volunteers clear fields, plant food, harvest food, feed, bath, and walk the elephants daily. Their efforts put a stop to animal cruelty for many animals across the world. Volunteer money and physical efforts also go toward the protection of national parks, both on land and water.

Social responsibility

Reach Out Volunteers believe in preserving the local culture in each of the countries that they work in. Reach Out Volunteers also respect country specific religious and cultural custom as well as always adhering to the country and cultural dress code. Each program with Reach Out Volunteers includes local language lessons, history lessons, local dance customs and visits to significant religious and cultural sites, as well as the volunteer involvement in as many cultural ceremonies as possible. A key aspect to every Reach Out Volunteer program is cultural immersion. Volunteers will be embraced by the local communities and create strong friendships.

A gap year spent volunteering in developing countries made Australian-born Tom realise there was more he could do to support communities. He founded this charity with the aim of reducing poverty and strengthening conservation - one destination at a time.
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