Mosaic Adventure Trek & Expedition

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Mosaic Adventure is a Kathmandu based tour operator that has catered for the travel enthusiasts for years. We are a hardcore team that consists of experienced, driven and unswervingly focused professionals. We do our best to provide our clients with the top-notch quality service at the competitive price. We acknowledge the time, money and preparation that go into the planning of vacation which is extremely valuable to our client. We aim to find the perfect tour package that fits the need and the budget of our clients.
Member since: 14 Sep 2012

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

- We try and use business and services run and owned by the local people
- We choose locally run accommodation over foreign owned hotels
- We take utmost care when it comes to purchasing equipments and food. We go for local sources of production for that matter

Environmental responsibility

- We curb down the usage of vehicles that is not user friendly and try as much as we can so as not to leave the carbon footprint behind
- We are economical when it comes to the use of natural resources like water, fuel, firewood and are serious about minimizing the use of soap, disposing the garbage (in fact, we encourage to bring the trashes back with us)
- We operate in small groups with the view of making as less impact on culture and environment as we can

Social responsibility

- We have our clients understand the significance of responsible behavior on their part while they are out in the different places with us
- We are respectful to the peculiarities of the cultures all over the places and we do not offend the local people in any way, shape or form
- We are serving our hands for the development of various social clubs, NGOs and programs that have public benefits

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