Jungle Trekking Adventures and Safaris (JTAS)

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Experiences Caribbean is a family owned tour business registered in Dominica as a limited liability company under the name Jungle Trekking Adventures and Safaris Inc. (JTAS). Through this Experiences Caribbean brand identity, the company shares Caribbean-island secrets and treasures with its guests. The company vision is that every visitor to Dominica gets an opportunity to truly experience the Caribbean they are looking for through the eyes of Dominica, its nature, heritage and lifestyles, hence the tagline “Come experience Dominica … your way!”. Themes: Cooking Caribbean, Jungle Trekking Adventures, Paradise Weddings and Romance, Wellness.
Member since: 18 Sep 2012

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We have been committed to paying wages and remunerating our service providers are rates that are way beyond the minimum amounts as stipulated under The Labour Standards (Minimum Wage), 2008, SRO 10 of 2008. We have found that as much as 40 % of revenues from these excursions have remained within the communities. We have also recently incorporated the Friends of Waitukubuli Inc. - our quest to preserve and sustain our island. This is our awareness and reaction to issues related to (global) economics and climate change – our focus being on the sustainable development of things-Dominican – natural and cultural heritage, people, and the local economy .

Environmental responsibility

Jungle Trekking Adventures and Safaris Inc. (JTAS) strives to minimize our environmental footprint and commits to decreasing all solid waste including garbage, paper products, amenity bottles, food service items, and encourages paperless sales and marketing. We will accomplish this by reducing total materials, purchasing greater levels of recyclable and biodegradable products, and limiting paper-based communications and marketing collateral. Jungle Trekking Adventures and Safaris Inc. (JTAS) has a system to document and track the annual volume of potable water used. Our system to address water conservation will also include the utilization of cisterns (i.e., underground tanks for storing rainwater) and alternative water sources (such as rainwater). In order to increase our recyclable materials and decrease the amount of waste we send to the landfill, Jungle Trekking Adventures and Safaris Inc. (JTAS) conducts periodic waste stream audits. Specifically, we document the annual cubic volume (or weight) of recyclables as a percentage of the total cubic volume (or weight) of solid waste going to landfill.

Social responsibility

Jungle Trekking Adventures and Safaris Inc. (JTAS) hereby pledges that the operation of our services will never impede upon or negatively impact the availability of basic services for the members of the local and regional communities. As such we promise to take into consideration the protection of and long-term potentiality for water, food, energy, and sanitation so that these will exist for all present or future residents and visitors to the area. Our tours provide an insight into local lifestyles, cultures and traditons. For example, one of our tours visits the Kalinago (Carib Indians) and we will be able to experience their lifestyle through home visits. Learn Kalinago history, try basket weaving, sugar-cane juice squeezing; fruit picking and sampling, and discover the secrets of natural healing from a tour of the herbal garden. There will also be a special opportunity to visit Kalinago Warrior Village. Next, we will be served a steaming Kalinago lunch in the Carbet, prepared by the villagers themselves and using the local produce and seasonings of the local farmers.

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