Tasmanian Safaris

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Australian TASafari 4WD Camping Adventures offer active camping tours to remote areas of Tasmania, Australia.

Designed for fit and active people, each day TASafari will take you on an amazing hike - you will discover wilderness Tasmania (daily walks 4+ hrs). TASafari tour groups are small, so our tours are more personal than the standard bus tour (maximum of 9 people).

All TASafari guides have a passion for the environment and are trained in minimal impact techniques. On a TASafari you will experience one of the last true wilderness areas of the world. Discover wildlife and flora unique to Tasmania.
Member since: 24 Apr 2006

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We source the meat for our tours from a local butcher, based in Launceston, Tasmania. We purchase most of our fruit and vegetables from a local “Veggie Shed”. We include other Tasmanian produce such as cheese and wine in our meals.
  • As far as practicable, we purchase fuel from service stations close to our camp sites or hikes in order to show our appreciation to the local community.
  • As far as practicable, we stop in remote community shops and give our clients the opportunity to purchase souvenirs or other goods.

Environmental responsibility

  • TASafari is proud to be associated with Ecotourism Australia
  • All our guides have been trained in “minimal impact” techniques required to preserve the environment. They are experienced and have a good knowledge of Tasmanian flora and fauna.
  • Our brochures are printed on recycled paper and we encourage clients to recycle brochures or to pass them on to a friend, rather than throwing them away (this is printed our brochures).

Social responsibility

  • TASafari supports local environmental groups in order to promote environmental awareness, particularly in relation to Tasmania.
  • We are interested in and participate in local environmental awareness forums, particularly in relation to tourism and the environment.
  • TASafari guides are trained in Remote Area First Aid Techniques.

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