Northern Edge Algonquin

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The Edge is one of Canada's model ecotourism destinations offering Algonquin Park Adventures, Scheduled Algonquin Retreats and Customized Group Experiences. Our solar-powered facility is a natural safe place for guests to enjoy the comforts of home. Unique learning opportunities are the hallmark of a Northern Edge Algonquin wilderness experience.
Member since: 01 Jun 2006

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

The Edge is located outside the small town of South River which brings income to the area by:

  • Providing courses and events at a local discounted rate
  • Generating income locally by bringing guests into the area and visiting other local businesses
  • Fairly compensating guides with experience, passion, knowledge and teaching skills to ensure each trip is a memorable one. contributing to the ongoing conservation of local natural areas.

Environmental responsibility

  • Our environmentally-friendly off-the-grid facility has gained international recognition for teaching and demonstrating ecological principles of design.
  • In addition, our environmental ethics and no-trace camping practices leave the areas we travel through in the same or better condition than before we arrived.
  • We even sort our waste so that plastics and paper are recycled, and food waste is composted upon return from our adventures

Social responsibility

  • The Edge teams with a local Trail association, The Forgotten Trails to maintain and create with our guests and the community to keep these trails up and running.
  • The Edge created a ‘Medicine for the Earth’ local community circle which has met once a month to learn and teach.
  • Partnered with local Forestry companies such as ‘West Wind’ to protect our local forests and water ways. We are also conscious to make socially responsible purchasing and decisions which support organic produce providers.

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