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Adventure Life creates travel that is inspiring, authentic, and completely you. From our range of classic award-winning tours to custom travel design, we offer an array of experiences to suit your travel tastes.
Member since: 20 Nov 2012

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Adventure Life only employs local guides.
  • We fund micro-grants in the destinations we visit, and arrange for our travelers to donate their time while in country to volunteer upon request.
  • In the past, we helped fund the following projects and organizations: a science lab creation at Maria Guarderas School, Community restoration in the Cachiccata Community, a Naturalist birding workshop for kids in Peru, school construction of a Long Way Home, Tecino Maya school, and sponsored the Waponi Amazon project. Many of these have helped train local community members in tourism related jobs and sometimes help train young children in the arts and other vocational skills.

Environmental responsibility

  • Our office habits are all very green we recycle everything we possibly can in Missoula (we are a bit limited here) and just recently moved into a building constructed with energy conservation in mind.
  • We fund microgrants in various regions to help with these efforts on a local basis.
  • We have helped sponsor two years in a row native tree planting in the Cachiccata community to help reforest the region. We have actively partnered with Rainforest Alliance to help train communities in the Amazon in ways to preserve land and open various lodges to host travelers using sustainable tourism models. The effort here would be to help them see the value (and profit) from tourism income as opposed to risk the temptation to sell off their lands to oil companies and other commercial interests looking to clear the land. We also faciliate a matching program to fund Galapagos Conservation efforts via IGTOA and are one the highest donors to this organization to date. To date we have facilitated the donation of roughly $80,000 and are seeing increases each year.

Social responsibility

  • Again, we contribute regularly to organizations that seek to preserve cultural heritage and educate young people in ancient handicraft techniques to pass them on to future generations.
  • We actively partner to sponsor the Mantay Shelter - a home for young mothers and their children to learn life skills as well as preserve traditional Peruvian handicraft. These young women produce beautiful work and sell them to tourists to help learn to provide for their young families.
  • We also have helped fund the Casisot Art Festival in Guatemala, a project endeavoring to encourage and promote the fine arts to young kids. We avidly encourage our travelers to visit Mantay and the CTTC to support local Peruvian weavers and workers directly, as well as encourage travelers to help with hands-on volunteer experiences in the Cachiccata community that vary from 1/2 day to 4 days in length.

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