Pioneer Expeditions

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We create and organise original one-off itineraries which take small groups to exotic and little visited destinations with the aim of being the first to achieve a particular objective in an expedition style adventure holiday.

The Pioneer concept is to combine ‘roughing it’ in the wilderness with relaxation and luxury, and satisfies those looking for real adventures and new, exciting and pioneering experiences.
Member since: 17 Aug 2006

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Wherever possible we will always employ local tour offices and local guides and pay them a fair wage.
  • We will always, where permitted, purchase locally produced and supplied produce, such as food, and equipment, such as tents.
  • We will actively encourage clients to use local services which benefit the local community through our ‘traveller’s code’, which is given pre-departure, and also throughout each trip.

Environmental responsibility

  • While we ensure that our trips have a minimal impact on the environment through measures such as our small group sizes, we also make sure that every trip we run must have a positive impact on the environment and the community such as preserving a particular environment.
  • Each client is provided with instructions on reducing water use, waste management and minimising their impact on the environment and wildlife.
  • In the office we take several steps e.g. reduction of paper use, recycling and switching off appliances when not used.

Social responsibility

  • We provide travellers with information on ways in which they can help to have a positive effect on local communities, for example by supporting local trade.
  • Our trips, wherever possible, employ local guides, porters and cooks and we encourage interaction between the group and the local community.
  • Visits are made to many destinations to not only enhance the traveller’s experience of a place but also to benefit the local community financially.

You're in seriously thrilling hands with this travel company. Founder Phillip has sailed from Indonesia to Madagascar on an ancient replica ship, and circumnavigated Africa. His trips don't tick boxes, they ensure adventures and real, under-the-skin experiences.
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