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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

- As a responsible business, we value all of our stakeholders equally: our local community, our staff, our program participants and our tour guests. Our organisation doesnít exist purely for our guests on tour or even the students in Reality Givesí programs. Instead, we place importance on any group that comes in contact with our organisation. By strengthening all of our stakeholders, we strengthen our organisation.
- To date this has included a great many staff (we employ upward of 25 guides from the slum communities we serve or similar locations).
- By delivering over 20,000 tours each year this also sees us support other local businesses (featuring industries in the community such as pottery and leather).

Environmental responsibility

- Wherever possible we seek to reduce our consumption of non-renewable materials, and recycling others.
- We provide guests on our multi-day tours with a drinking canister to reduce their use of plastic and where possible favour public transport to further reduce their carbon footprint.
- We are mindful of how we travel and where possible opt for low carbon methods of transport.

Social responsibility

- Our sister NGO has reached over 7,000 beneficiaries in underserved communities through the profits we have donated to their work.
- We are conscious of the impact our work has on the communities in which we are based and continue to collaborate with them in understanding how best to serve them - we've even invited academics in to look at the appropriate carrying capacity of our tours and the ethics of what we do in general.
- From the day we were founded our primary aim has been to use the profits we generate from our -tours as a force for social good. We are proud that this work has been recognised through a number of international awards from TO DO! Socially Responsible Tourism, World Travel & Tourism Council and the Indian Responsible Tourism Awards.