Aventuractiva / Vicentina Travel

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Micro Active Tourism Operator, specialized in Nature multi-activities and Self-guided walking & Cycling tours, running programmes all year around in the SW Portugal at the Coastal Region of Alentejo. Headquarters at Vila Nova de Milfontes the princess of this Region, where the River Mira Meets with the Atlantic Ocean. We Are specialized in Outdoor activities on this Area. I also developed a private transportation business associated to this activitiesí and to provide a better service creating a personalized solution to each case.
Member since: 21 Dec 2012

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Most of our leaders were born in the region and others have lived in this region for a long time. They're all part of our community and share the same values and culture.

Environmental responsibility

The unspoilt, natural surroundings are what attract people as a contrast to the intensive, mass tourism of the Algarve. Our leaders take active steps to ensure our groups behave in an environmentally responsible manner such as sticking to established trails, not leaving anything behind or removing any plants whilst doing the activities through the park.

Social responsibility

This trip allows our guests to be in contact with all our traditions and way of living, and allows them to get closer to the reality of rural Portugal. You will not find big hotels here as they're all locally owned. We only work with small groups, starting with a min. of 2 and working with no more than 23 people at the same time.

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