Lilongwe Wildlife Trust

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The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity working with compassion to prevent cruelty, alleviate suffering and encourage everyone to treat all individual animals with respect. Born Free believes wildlife belongs in the wild and is dedicated to the conservation of rare species in their natural habitat, and the phasing out of traditional zoos. Charity registration no.1070906
Member since: 21 Aug 2006

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Economic responsibility

  • The charity is governed by a Board of Trustees who are charged with ensuring the good governance of Born Free.
  • They make sure that the Foundation spends it resources wisely in pursuit of its aims and also guarantees that the Foundation does not engage in economic activities that are either unwise or inappropriate.
  • It’s investment strategy is subject to a rigorous analysis by independent financial advisors.
  • Environmental responsibility

  • We recycle & minimise our chemical contamination or pollution of the environment by reducing the use of products containing such materials. Our purchasing policy includes consideration of packaging.
  • Staff are conscious of water & electricity saving measures, supplies of which have been switched to “green” sources.
  • We are currently looking to introduce a carbon emissions off-set scheme in Kenya.
  • Social responsibility

  • The Foundation takes a proactive stance on social issues.
  • It complies with all relevant legislation relating to employment opportunities; it offers educational opportunities to the wider community; it offers work experience opportunities.
  • It seeks to be good employer in relation to the terms and conditions of employment it offers to its staff both here and abroad.
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