Eco Transilvania

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Eco Transilvania Ltd. was established in 2006, focused on those actors strongly willing to be active actors in the field of responsible tourism. The company employs mostly specialists in their field, young but with a rich experience in tourism and mountain guidance, speleology, climbing respectively in environment protection and conservation as well as in community development. Up to 10% of company’s revenues are pledged to local and external initiatives of conservation and promotion of natural and cultural heritage of the Apuseni Mountains.
Member since: 18 Jan 2013

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Local guides and local guiding services – we use in our programs as much as possible, local guiding services (at least 50% of the services included in the itinerary are owned and operated by local people/businesses) and local people (local guides besides the tour leader). This is good for the local communities, because we support them to become self sustainable and reliable and is good for you too, because you can have a better interaction with the locals, and experience their way of life in a direct manner.

Environmental responsibility

Leave No Trace: we work hard to leave fewer footprints in our office and in the outdoors. We take special care of the waste management in our trips, we use as much as possible sustainable ways for transport and eat and consume local products. Invest money and effort in conservation: we pledge between 5 to 10 % of our incomes after taxes into local projects that support nature and local culture conservation. We are active partners of the Apuseni Nature Park, Padurea Craiului Natura 2000 site and other protected areas and landscapes

Social responsibility

Respect for local communities and their environment. Our guides and staff will help you to understand and respect the places and people you are visiting, so you’ll be more comfortable and enriched visiting them. Fair trade travel - we pay people with the fair wage for the services that they provide to us and we make sure that nothing we do in the mountains or in our office exploits people.