OKU Japan

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Oku Japan offers a selection of small-group guided tours to Japan. We pride ourselves on including in our itineraries not only the well-known destinations that travellers want to see, but also lesser-known ones, which have something interesting or spectacular about them and make the trip feel tailor made and personal.

Our tour leaders have a deep knowledge of the local people and culture, often having lived and worked locally for many years. By travelling the quieter backroads and encouraging personal contact with the local people, we reveal a side of these countries that most visitors never see.
Member since: 19 Oct 2006

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We work only with small local businesses rather than international chains
  • Where possible we source goods and supplies locally, using only small, locally-owned and run accommodation and restaurants
  • Our tours often visit lesser-known (but equally enchanting) areas, helping to spread the economic benefit of tourism more evenly

Environmental responsibility

  • We ‘leave no trace’; we use only established trails, dispose of waste properly and respect wildlife
  • We use local public transport as much as possible
  • We do as much of our marketing as possible on-line to avoid the waste of paper

Social responsibility

  • Our tours are all small-group, avoiding the need for large vehicles and hotels, and ensuring we don’t overwhelm the places we visit
  • Small group tourism also encourages young people who would otherwise leave to find work in the cities to stay and start small-scale sustainable enterprises.
  • We educate visitors about local traditions and crafts, and make culture a central theme of their visit.

Matt lived and worked in Japan for 20 years before founding this company in 2005. Having travelled the whole country, stayed in tiny inns and explored remote islands, he wanted to share his experiences with other travellers - blending the big sights with more secret spots.