Imaj Photography Holidays

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Imaj Photo Adventures are “fair trade” and ethically correct photography holidays to different parts of the world where the focus is capturing the culture as well as natural beauties. We employ local people to organize, assist, model and help with the photo adventures and pay them a fair fee for their services. We also donate to local schools and community projects in the areas we visit.
Member since: 14 Feb 2013

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We employ local guides, local drivers and car owners, eat at local local restaurants in the locations we visit. We donate to local schools and other institutions where there is a need. Most recent being Putao (China) mountain village school.

Environmental responsibility

All office documentation, brochures, booking forms are available in electronic environment. A PDF version of our printed brochure has been available for online viewing, which reduces considerably our paper consumption in terms of print runs and mailing envelopes. We encourage our customers to use refillable water bottles whilst on treks and either refilled from jerry cans kept in the transport vehicle.

Social responsibility

Cultural Norms and No-Nos: passengers are informed by their tour leader of social conventions to which they should be sensitive, for example touching people on the head and pointing feet at people, public signs of affection etc.

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