Mystic Blue

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We are a small team of sailors, divers, biologists and environmentalists who were brought together due to our love of the sea and nature. We have created a series of eco-friendly adventures involving sailing, diving, walking and exploring unique species around the Greek islands. We are deeply committed to marine conservation and we support the study and protection of the marine world and the raising of public awareness on environmental issues. When our boat is not chartered we sail around cleaning beaches, helping researchers and organisations in their efforts to study and protect the environment and wildlife. We also organise marine ecology, wildlife photography and underwater photography seminars.
Member since: 06 Dec 2006

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Mystic Blue visits remote and underdeveloped islands, such as Kinaros (population: 2 people) and Anafi (population: under 100 people), which are hard to get to due to lack of frequent ferries, so locals benefit as they can support their income.
  • We encourage guests to visit and try the local cuisine and purchase local goods wherever we go in order to get a taste of the local culture and also support the local community.
  • We employ locals for all the jobs concerning the boat. We buy materials for the maintenance of the boat from local shops.

Environmental responsibility

  • We allow space in our sailing boats for people to recycle and upcycle any plastic, metal, glass, paper garbage produced during our trips.
  • Guests are briefed on the necessity of cutting down on their use of water and electricity.
  • We avoid throwing chemicals in the sea and chose cleaning products that are biodegradable, that guests can also use.
  • We only use biodegradable cleaning products and avoid at all times the dumping of chemicals or non-natural products into the sea.
  • We presentation on marine ecology, biodiversity and conservation to all divers who join us.
  • By organising events and activities such as a marine ecology seminars for professional divers, exhibitions of underwater eco photography with the aim of raising awareness for the protection of marine sites and our seas.

Social responsibility

  • The traditional ways that islanders used to support themselves have become obsolete due to mass tourism and the tendency of the youth to move to large cities. Our approach aims to keep these old ways from fading out and for our guests to get introduced to the “real” island lifestyle.
  • When our sailing boat isn’t chartered or being maintained, we offer the boat to scientists and organisations for their research and other environmental projects.
  • We organise visits to organisations for the protection of the loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta and the Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus are based. Our guests are briefed on their work and how they can support them.

This cool team of sailors, biologists, conservationists and divers hails from across Europe. They combine their passions on their sailing and walking trips, running marine ecology lecture, birding excursions and photography exhibitions. Top responsible tourism practices, too.