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We offer exceptional value holidays in over 20 sensational sailing destinations worldwide. Whether you’re interested in a chartered yacht, a social flotilla or just relaxing while a skipper takes the helm, we have the perfect sailing escape for you. From the Caribbean to Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean to the Seychelles, get inspired and enjoy the freedom to roam in our epic sailing grounds.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We strive to give back to the community and environment. To do this we’ve teamed up with a number of charities and non-profit organisations, including Sail 4 Cancer, The Green Blue and Sports Relief Sail a Mile. Additionally, our Travelopia Activity Charity Day gives our employees the chance to work with a charity of their choice one day each year.
To support the charities we work with, we contribute £1 for every £1 you donate.
Sunsail flotilla and yacht charter customers support VISAR, Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR) a voluntary organisation dedicated to saving life at sea. It is the officially recognised search and rescue service in the British Virgin Islands and to date have raised several thousand pounds for this worthwhile cause.

Charity and community projects in the UK:
We have recently agreed to support local charity The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation to help train 125 inner city children, from disadvantaged backgrounds, how to sail on Sunsail yachts.
We support other charities and raise over £200,000 per year for our sailing events – Much of which goes to local charities such as Sail 4 Cancer, Jubilee Sailing Trust, Turn to Starboard, Answer Simpson Sailing Foundation and the 1851 Trust.

Over 80% of our staff working in our bases overseas are locals and are trained in full, with no differential between the training given to them and the UK staff. This will therefore includes health & safety, hygiene and customer service.

Before customers travel and on arrival at the bases we recommend local restaurants for our guests to eat out at to encourage local sourcing of food. We also offer a pre-provisioning service where we buy local produce to sell to our guests.

Even though our holidays are yacht based, rather than land based, we still want to ensure we are helping the local community by recommending local guides when the clients go off independently.

Environmental responsibility

We work to reduce antifouling pollution, limit our carbon footprint and operate responsibly in all of our destinations. We implement sustainable initiatives at our bases, each backed by our commitment to providing responsibly operated holidays.

We ensure that we are benefiting the local community starting here in the UK to all around the world.

Sunsail’s environmental responsibility begins at home in the UK for our sailing charters out of our base in the Port Solent, Portsmouth.  
Sunsail funded two water stations in the Isle of Wight to allow people to refill drinking bottles with free water helping to reduce single use plastic bottles. This is encouraging people to use refillable drinking bottles rather than purchasing plastic bottles.
We are funding two water stations for the Portsmouth base in Port Solent as a joint initiative with Premier Marinas to further reduce single use plastic bottles. Once again this will encourage more people to refill drinking bottles.
The UK operation is one of just a handful of sailing organisations that adhere to ISO 20121 for Sustainable Event Management.
We have oil spill kits on all of our yachts in the UK.
We have recycling bins on our yachts that charter out of our UK base and actively encourage recycling in the UK.
Sunsail is supporting an initiative for local school children (58 schools signed up so far, 10,000+ school children) for a Plastic Free Day on the 8th May to educate school children about problems caused by plastics and reducing use of plastics.
We have a policy of zero waste being put into the water from our yachts – Including food waste in the UK.
Use of low emission antifoul.
We recycle paper in our UK office and have an online brochure rather than just the paper brochure to reduce the use of printed paper.
Clients are asked to look after areas where there are coral outcrops and to never anchor on coral.  Protecting marine and animal life is extremely important to Sunsail so we want to make sure we are educating our clients on how to do so. This is all explained in the chart briefing once the client arrives at the destination.

We want to lead the way in responsible tourism. Some of the things we’ve achieved so far include:
Investing £10 million in developing our base in Tortola to make it as environmentally friendly as possible.
Using biodegradable cleaning products such as Ecover when cleaning our bases and yachts.
Building a better working relationship with local communities.
Ensuring our suppliers operate in a sustainable and responsible way so we are sustainable as a whole.
Reducing our carbon footprint at our bases and sales offices which will reduce a negative impact on each destination.
Building an award-winning LEED certified office in Clearwater, Florida.
Funding environmental impact research in St. Vincent which both St Lucia and Grenada would also benefit from.
Specifying the inclusion of holding tanks on board the yachts.
Pioneering the use of environmentally correct fouling.

Social responsibility

We encourage our customers to respect the cultures they visit, by learning about their destination before departure, thus giving an understanding of dress codes, local language, photography and general communication.

Our customers are briefed on respecting communities when receiving their chart briefing on arrival so they are aware of what to look out for when sailing within the charter grounds.

We are currently in the process of updating our pre-departure email to include suggestions of ways to minimise negative impacts on local cultures. They currently receive this information on arrival when they receive their briefing from the base however we feel to educate them before their travels would make a real impact.

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