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3etravel is a full-range service provider in Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. We offer tour operators and private groups completely tailored and organised packages for hiking, trekking, mountain bike, horse back riding and outdoor trips. What’s important for us: We plan all tours in close cooperation with the local population and respect the principles of a smooth, ecological and sustainable tourism. The people behind 3etravel are united through their love for nature and the country of Montenegro, a fair share of idealism and the desire to offer only the best to our guests.
Member since: 11 Apr 2013

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

All tour leaders are either native to the area or have lived and travelled or worked in the Western Balkans for long periods. Over 70% of our tour-leaders are actually resident in Montenegro/Western Balkans thus contributing part-time to the local economies.

Environmental responsibility

Lake Skadar, the biggest lake at the Balkan peninsula features a very rich bird fauna. In our multi-activity and family tours we offer bird watching with kayaks. These tours are guided by bird protection activists. We avoid using off-road jeep transfers, since some areas do have a very fragile soil surface. Anyhow we believe in the first line that our feet can take us everywhere.

Social responsibility

We cooperate with farmer communities, which noticed that providing an insight to their daily life up in the mountains describes a special experience for guests. In return this interest in their lifestyle and the generated additional income contributes to make people to stay up in the mountains producing traditional dairy products and maintaining the landscape.

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