Helicon Arts

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For the past fifteen years, Helicon Arts has run choral singing holiday courses around Europe for amateur singers, and in 2013 we are adding photography holidays to our programme. Our venues are carefully chosen so the group can stay together close to places of interest, in spectacular locations. Throughout the week, a variety of excursions and activities are offered to enhance the holiday experience. A challenging creative programme and an active social schedule guarantee an unforgettable holiday.
Member since: 10 Apr 2013

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We stay in friendly, family-run venues who employ local staff and use fair employment practices. Our food and drink is sourced from local suppliers.

Environmental responsibility

We maintain a small office which minimises use of electricity and gas. We are web-based and all correspondence is sent to clients electronically. The small amount of paper we use in the office is recycled and we rely on natural light for most of the day.

Social responsibility

On our photography holidays we divide into smaller groups when visiting locations to minimise our impact and increase the potential for meaningful interactions. We also ask permission from people first before taking photographs. We use local guides who assist in communicating with local people where there is a language barrier, and we try to use their language wherever possible.