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One of the UKs top adventure travel specialists. They offer small group adventure tours to remote and less-travelled places. Join a walking trip in Europe, a cultural journey in the Middle East , a Himalayan trek or wildlife trip in Asia, a safari or mountain hike in Africa, a train-journey, a classic walk or wilderness experience in Latin America. 8 days to 4 weeks. Local transportation and accommodation is used. Group Leaders advise on minimising cultural and environmental impact. From 399 (including flights).
Member since: 22 May 2002

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Employing local people wherever we can not only gives our clients a further chance to mix with residents of the host country, but also puts money directly into local hands.

Staying in local style accommodation - or even as guests of locals - is also very important. We avoid internationally owned hotels because we want the money generated by our stay to benefit local people directly

Using local transport is important too - it's fun and adds variety to a trip but also provides opportunities to mix with local travellers and again channels money into the right hands.

Environmental responsibility

Our Group Leaders cover issues such as energy and water conservation, environmental degradation, reduced use of plastic bottles and carrying out litter

Leaders also alert clients to issues of trade in endangered species.

We directly support projetcs that benefit the environment, examples include; New Zealand - Whale & Dolphin Conservation Fund. For every passenger we carry to New Zealand NZ$20 is donated to this fund. We are also runnning the Morocco - Toubkal Clean Up Trek.

Social responsibility

Group leaders will point out opportunities to purchase locally produced products

In order to limit the social impacts of travel, we provide plenty of information about local religions, customs and sensibilities, as well as background information about food, politics and history.

We directly support projetcs that benefit the local communities that we visit, for example; Ladakh - Druk White Lotus School. For every passenger we carry to Ladakh 25 is donated to this fund. Malawi - on every departure we visit an SOS children's village and contribute to the project.

The UK's leading small group family adventure company was founded in 1996. Each trip aims to increase children's confidence with outdoor activities, while inspiring curiosity and an understanding of new cultures.
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