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Bike Asia is a cycle tour company based in Asia that specializes in cycling adventures that explore the unique sights, sounds and peoples of Asia. From the Himalayan heights, through the beauty of China to the steppes of Mongolia and the islands of Japan our trips are designed for people who love to travel by bike.

Bike Asia believes in keeping it real, fun and inspiring. Along with our passion for cycling, adventure and discovery, we also believe in a philosophy of ethical travel. Respect for people, cultures and the environment is fundamental to us and to how we operate.
Member since: 30 Jan 2007

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We utilise smaller scale accommodations and eat at tasty restaurants run by people that are local to the area providing a more friendly atmosphere & supporting local business growth.
  • We support a variety of charities in the areas we visit including a community centre in Mongolia, a 350 year old farm house in Japan, Braille without Borders in Tibet & a charity for girls' education in China.
  • We advice travellers on how to bargain, the begging culture and how to give to local charities or schools.

Environmental responsibility

  • We provide purified drinking water in 20 litre water drums so that no one needs to buy bottles of drinking water.
  • In China we give passengers a pair of chopsticks to avoid disposable chopsticks and highlight the issue of forest conservation.
  • We encourage travellers to refrain from accepting plastic bags when making purchases, and to use biodegradable cleaning products on camping trips.

Social responsibility

  • We work closely with locally-based operators, guides, drivers, bike mechanics and cooks, resulting in more successful cycling trips and an insight into the local culture, history, traditions and language for our travellers.
  • We cycle in many areas that are not visited by large numbers of tourists and communicate to our travellers the importance of behaving in an appropriate manner: personal language, gestures and dress.
  • We provide trip-specific information on local charities that are working hard to alleviate problems such as youth homelessness, lack of education funding, lack of services for people with disabilities.

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