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Locally Sourced Cuba Tours is dedicated to providing an authentic and unforgettable small group tour experience in Cuba. We can help travellers achieve in one adventure what has taken us years – to go inside the country in a deeper, more personal way. Whether you are meeting respected Cuban professionals (architects, film directors, distinguished musicians), staying with a local family, taking dance classes, or diving in some of the most pristine locations in the Caribbean, our small group tours helps you to discover the real Cuba first-hand, and as genuinely as possible, with little impact on the Cuban environment and culture.
Member since: 29 Apr 2013

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

All of our tour guides are not only native to Cuba, but are passionate about the country they live in as well. This is of most importance to us, because we believe in showcasing the very best of Cuba and this starts with knowledgable guides who know the country inside out - for better for worse.

Environmental responsibility

At Locally Sourced Cuba we cap the number of people on the trip, so a group is no larger than 10 people. This enables us to source more authentic accommodation options and transportation that makes a smaller footprint on the environment. We are also more flexible and empathetic to the groups expectations and travel ambitions.

Social responsibility

Make an effort to speak the language: If you don’t know how to speak the local language of the destination you are traveling to we recommend that you take the time to learn a few simple phrases. This can be as simple as learning ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’. This will help you greet and converse with the wonderful people you will meet on your journey and help show respect for their local way of life.

A group of Kiwis and Cubans met on a trek. They had one thing in common despite diverse backgrounds as salsa teachers, dive masters, tour guides and drivers: a love of Cuba and its people. They discussed how to improve Cuban holidays - and their company was born.
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