Undiscovered Destinations

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At Undiscovered Destinations we share your passion for travel and adventure. We are a specialist UK based travel company, offering, unique, quality escorted small group tours and private journeys to some of the least visited countries in the world. In addition we provide an efficient and knowledgeable service of individual itineraries for discerning travellers seeking authentic experiences in a range of truly hidden places in an increasingly small world.
Member since: 13 Feb 2007

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We only work with small, locally owned tour operators, support and logistic providers, and our travellers are only accompanied by locally based staff and guides.
  • We actively support our overseas colleagues (operators) on a range of issues, including advise on brochure and website design, and have contributed financially to their overseas marketing campaigns.
  • Our overseas operators are encouraged to join us in the UK at travel shows to jointly promote their destination. We will consider payment of their airfare and accommodation costs to make this possible.

Environmental responsibility

  • We are determined to set the standard on environmental conduct. We are working closely with our locally owned suppliers to inform and educate their staff about a range of issues, including litter and waste disposal.
  • We only work with small group sizes, averaging just 4 clients. Some of our trips are camping based & we go to great lengths to travel without leaving any trace of our visit.
  • Throughout our programme we have included a growing number of visits to appropriate local projects with direct or indirect environmental benefits.

Social responsibility

  • We are active supporters of the charity Mines Advisory Group (MAG) and have given financial donations to help fund their essential work of clearing land mines in Angola and other countries we visit.
  • We are working hard to promote destinations that so far do not appear on the tourist map. We are investing in the future, in the belief that along with our local colleagues we can create sustainable social benefits for corners of the world, that to-date have been overlooked by larger tour operators.
  • Ensure our guides and clients are sensitive to local attitudes and act responsibly in their interaction with local people.

Realising that much adventure travel had become "mainstream", these passionate travellers aspire to take it back off the beaten track to recapture the real essence of "adventure". They thrive on introducing new destinations to the potential of responsible tourism.