Dive Safari Asia

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We are a scuba diving travel specialist focussing on adventure holidays throughout the Asian continent. Our core products are guide led dive safaris in small groups throughout remote regions of Philippines and Indonesia. All tours feature highlights of any given region both above and below the surface with an emphasis on areas of outstanding natural beauty. Being guide led by an experienced instructor means our tours are suitable for both experienced divers and those recently qualified. Above all personal service, local knowledge and carefully crafted itineraries are what we pride ourselves upon.
Member since: 10 May 2013

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

For each and every activity we employ a local guide, for both diving and for land based tours. We also insist that dive guides have been properly trained which in turn encourages resorts to invest in the development and skills of their staff.

Environmental responsibility

Before all tours we carry out an environmental briefing which covers responsible diving practices, reducing sun cream use prior to diving, minimising use of plastics, reducing water usage, reducing use of laundry services and general care for the surrounding environment

Social responsibility

Before all tours we issue a ‘code of behaviour outline’ which points out to members of any local customs they should be aware of, how to show respect to local people and their customs and sensitive dress codes in and around the resorts.