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Yoga Diving is an innovative dive training program. It incorporates the practices of hatha yoga and scuba diving for the purpose of helping people enjoy their dive activities in a mindful, healthy way. Yoga Diving teaches ways to improve dive skills, relationships with aquatic and reef ecosystems as well as spiritual awareness using holistic methods of bodywork, breathing exercises and scuba training by the highest level of professionals. Yoga Diving holidays allow travellers to learn about the underwater world and the surrounding desert environment in the context of healing and yoga.
Member since: 21 Feb 2007

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • The hotel we use is one of the first Bedouin owned hotels in Sinai and employs approximately 10 Egyptians and 10 Bedouin in all jobs ranging from waiter in the restaurant to dive instructor to assistant manager.
  • We employ several Bedouin from a local family to conduct all our desert activities.
  • We train Bedouin to work in diving so as to encourage sustainable alternatives to over fishing delicate reefs to feed the tourist market. We do not exploit the local community for cheap labor but work alongside them for compassionate progress.

Environmental responsibility

  • The main aim of this company is to show divers how they can dive with the least impact on the reef. We give them the skills to do so and teach them to educate others about the necessity for us all to increase our awareness of the fragility of ecosystems such as the coral reef.
  • Guests are made to understand the basic physiological structures of the reef, which animals are poisonous, and how the animals on the reef live symbiotically. We emphasize to guests that a centimeter of broken reef can take decades to regenerate.
  • Our instructors work with local nonprofit organizations and the national parks of Egypt in education and conservation projects. We do periodic cleanups with M.A.T.E. both underwater and in the desert.

Social responsibility

  • As we work closely with local Bedouin, our guests are introduced to their culture, language and religion in a respectful, knowledgeable way. We emphasize the wisdom, particularly as regards nature, that the Bedu possess and encourage guests to learn from them.
  • All of our destinations include how guests can give back rather than merely take from the local community either through sponsored projects or on an individual level. For example: guests here tend to give to the Bedouin children and buy their handicrafts.
  • I have been working in Dahab for "MATE" a reef preservation organization, training Egyptian and Bedouin dive guides for free to help them integrate into what has been a mostly foreign community.

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