Escuela Delengua

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Delengua is a small, dynamic language school which specializes in Spanish language and culture and runs Spanish courses throughout the year. It is located in the very centre of Granada, Spain, and offers more than just a Spanish course.

The language school is set in an old renovated house with courtyard, terrace, library, all modern facilities etc. Our courses are accredited by the Spanish Instituto Hispánico de la Rioja and the Swedish CSN.
Member since: 27 Feb 2007

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Economic responsibility

  • We restored an old, traditional, abandoned house. This renovation helped to develop the area and since then the revival and restoration of the area has continued.
  • All of the staff is from the local area and we actively seek to employ local people. Not only is this important for our students but also helps to maintain the local community.
  • The accommodation that we use outside the school is all privately owned by local people and we always look for accommodation in the local community. We advise our students to use local shops and markets.

Environmental responsibility

  • We use only recycled paper in the office and in all classes. Waste paper is always recycled.
  • Wherever possible we rely on local transport or walk to local attractions and places of interest.
  • The school's toilets operate using a water reduction method, lights operate using a time delay system and computers are never left on standby. Students are told how to reduce water consumption. They are also encouraged to recycle.

Social responsibility

  • We organise visits that demonstrate the historical side of Granada, such as guitar builders, potters, Arab baths, Gypsy caves, Flamenco shows. All the guides are from the local community and can offer the best insight into the history and culture of Granada.
  • We regularly attend neighbourhood meetings to discuss local problems and try to find solutions collectively as a community.
  • We collaborate with INTEGRA2, a charity working with teenagers and young immigrants (under 18) who have arrived to Spain with basic or no knowledge of Spanish and subsequently problems with integration.

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