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Transylvania Live, experts in Transylvania, is simply the most spectacular way to discover Transylvania. We provide our guests with challenging activity vacations, rewording volunteer programmes, enchanting sightseeing tours, precious cultural adventures, medieval short breaks, colourful festivals and fascinating Dracula tours. The best thing is that we can help you get the most of your holiday whilst giving a little back to the communities and environment you visit. Based in Transylvania and operating in Romania and Hungary, the company was founded in 1995 and is member of American Society for Travel Agents and National Association of Tourism Agencies in Romania
Member since: 26 Mar 2007

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We actively encourage our guest to buy locally produced foods and handicrafts, and to pay a fair price for goods and services, bearing in mind that most of the crafts, clothing and carpets on sale are hand made using lengthy traditional processes.
  • Our tour groups are small, allowing people to interact more easily with the local people. All our guides are Romanian (with the exception of our Hungarian guides for our Budapest Tour) and can advise guests on local customs and language.
  • We use locally run businesses and small family run businesses, such as the guest houses in the traditional Maramures or the traditional peasant houses run by the villagers of Rimetea, so the revenue iis well dispersed into communities where it is needed the most.

Environmental responsibility

  • We only use electronic brochures. In order to reduce air pollution we try to conduct our meetings by telephone, web conference when possible.
  • We use mostly laptops computers which use only 10% of the energy required by desktops. We have assigned a person at the office to be responsible for turning off lights, etc & ensure that the heat system is used only when needed.
  • We travel in small groups, staying in places where the food is mostly organic & they try to minimise electricity use. We offer guests advice on keeping to tracks, not disturbing wildlife and using bio-degradable products.

Social responsibility

  • We are very active within the community and our tours visit places in need of support e.g. a foundation providing homes for elderly and orphans, the workshop of woodcraftsman, a shop offering genuine handicrafts & a painter.
  • We sponsor a student theatre festival and Echinox, the national student magazine.
  • Our guests are encouraged to do a little reading before coming to find out more about their host communities and environment.

The quirkiest way to discover Transylvania, this company was founded in 1995 to explore the real - and fictional - history of this myth-riddled region. Guides are local but speak a number of languages.
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