Manakamana Treks and Expedition

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Manakamana Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. has established in 1990. We organize trekking and mountaineering, culture trek/ tour, Jungle Safari, White Water rafting in Nepal. Arrangement tour to Tibet, Sikkim and Bhutan.
Member since: 27 Mar 2007

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We have local trekking guide for each different region and hire someone from the local community when visiting. We also stay at local tea houses during our tour.
  • We purchase local products (e.g. handicraft products, vegetables, fruits, local drinks etc) and use local transport services.
  • We encourage the local community to join skills and tourism management training - e.g. building up their capacity, techniques in dealing with customers, kitchen hygiene, etc.

Environmental responsibility

  • We use kerosene or gas rather than fire wood.
  • We avoid using non re-cycling things and advise people to bring back non-disposable things. We advise guests to throw rubbish away properly and give food leftovers to domestic animals where possible.
  • We give advice to help in keeping our environment clean, and on minimising water use. We ask people to avoid bathing or washing clothes in streams.

Social responsibility

  • Prior to arrival, we inform guests about social and political situation of the destination to visitors and give advice on behaviour, e.g. in temples and teahouses.
  • We give financial support to a local school for the improvement of the school. Our visitors also donated educational materials to the school and students after seeing the condition of the school and situation the students were in.
  • Our tour involves in visiting local projects - e.g. local community hand made carpet project, bee keeping project, cheese project, community forest project, etc.

This Nepalese-run trekking specialist has been based out of Kathmandu since 1990. Offering a warm welcome to their country, their treks, climbs, safaris and rafting tours always give back to local communities, education and health initiatives.
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