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Diverse Travel Australia is recognized as a leading supplier of Aboriginal tourism experiences to the domestic and international travel market. Our specialist team has spent many years acquiring the knowledge, understanding and trust of Aboriginal communities so we can offer a rich, insightful experience like no other a unique experience and perspective of Australia through the art, land and culture of Aboriginal people. It is often difficult to access remote Aboriginal experiences, and many main stream tourism operators have little knowledge or contact with Aboriginal communities. Diverse Travel Australia continues to work closely with Aboriginal communities to develop innovative Aboriginal cultural itineraries, which provide significant economic benefit to the communities and support their environment and conservation endeavours.
Member since: 29 Mar 2007

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We do not sell any products to our clients directly. We encourage them through pre departure information to buy only authentic art and craft items when shopping.
  • When buying aboriginal art we let them know that each painting should come with a certificate of authenticity and that they are to ensure they do receive this certificate.

Environmental responsibility

  • A caring for country environmental awareness course is given by the Leave No Trace Land Council representative in conjunction with local elders.
  • Energy-efficient appliances and white goods are used. All recyclable containers are sorted and placed in the recycle bins. We have an appointed staff member to monitor environmental procedures, impacts and report to staff meetings.
  • We always try to use hardened track for walking tours and brief visitors not to damage plants or chase or capture animals. We advise visitors to carry out their rubbish and try to keep group numbers small.

Social responsibility

  • We aknowledge the spiritual connection Aboriginal people have with the land and water, and recognise and respect the cultural protocols associated with that unique relationship.
  • Respect traditional cultural beliefs and stories; we communicate with Aboriginal tour operators we use regularly to ensure cultural tour information provided in our itineraries is correct.
  • Staff take part in a Cultural Awareness Course given by Local Elders.

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