Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships

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Come experience the romance of a traditional sailing ship while enjoying modern comforts and amenities on a Tall Ship. Our chef prepares your meals with fresh local ingredients daily. Watch dolphins jump in our wake, enjoy moonlit evenings at anchor or explore the coastal towns and villages we will visit. With a maximum of 24 guests aboard, you can always find a quiet place to yourself on our sailing vacations. For the adventurous type, you can join in hoisting the sails, or just sit back and relax as our professional crew will ensure your safety and comfort on our cruises. Our chef prepares your meals with fresh local ingredients daily!
Member since: 25 Oct 2013

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

For the Liberty Fleet, economic responsibility is not a choice! We depend on locals for all supplies. Often, if you cannot find our cook in the galley, you can find her wandering down the beach looking for local fresh lobster and fish! We employ a local family as a partner and advisor, who assists in everything from transportation, to cleaning services aboard our vessel! They have been with us over 3 years! We encourage our guests and crew to always buy local produced items, and encourage this by taking trips to the local fish fry’s on our days in port. Here our guests can learn the importance of the seafood industry in the Bahamas and BVI’s, and how it affects the economy. We always steer our guests towards reputable local dealers for any products they may wish to purchase.

We also provide sail training classes for schools, and most recently had Drake University on board for a week long “Leadership at Sea” course. This has become a yearly charter for them. Teaching, and educating about Tall Ship’s is our passion!

Environmental responsibility

As a Tall Ship there is no greener way to travel in the world! The Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships is a member of ASTA (American Sail Training Association), and strives to not only educate about sailing, but about environmental awareness, and “leaving no footprint”. During visits to the Exuma Islands, and the Land and Sea Park we educate our guests on the importance of Bahamian Reefs, and their impact not only on the environment, but on the industry of the Bahamas as well. Our crew and guests are one family during the trip, and you can often find us not only picking up and cleaning local beaches, but also ridding nearby Reefs of the Lionfish species which has unfortunately destroyed so many local underwater landmarks. We strive to educate people about the importance of “clean oceans”, this can be done by a simple walk over to the Pink Sand beach in Governors Harbor, Eleuthera, and witnessing the hundreds of tons of trash that has been washed ashore. A quick look at a beach filled with shopping carts, and items that should never have entered the water proves to be a quick education. Our home office recycles daily, uses public transportation, and in the islands we recycle whenever we are permitted!

Social responsibility

As a tour operator in a foreign country, the Liberty Fleet of Tall Ships has a responsibility to provide accurate and safe information to all of our travellers! While we enjoy the freedom of a “no itinerary” trip, we provide guidance to our travellers on the best way to be a positive impact on our local communities and economies but interacting in a friendly and helpful way, by buying local goods an souvenirs, and by supporting local establishments with their patronage. We especially enjoy bringing travellers to local festival and religious ceremonies to round out their cultural experience in our locations. In port we always recommend local guides that we have worked with closely, and destinations that we know are not only beneficial to our guests aboard, but to the locals who own and run them. While at sea, our crew is trained in “minimal impact” type sightseeing. Snorkelling is a major part of our trips, so we educate our passengers on how best to minimize their impact or the ecology of the area education on how to do so while not disturbing the wildlife is important to us! Many of our guests are already responsible travelers –minded (-aware). In terms of fundraising and outreach, Last year 24 of our guests participated in the Susan G. Koleman half marathon prior to sailing with us! And The Liberty Clipper hosted a bucket list sailing adventure for a local woman diagnosed with brain cancer.

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