Great Excursions Co

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Great Excursions Co. stages learning and enrichment travel experiences across the North American Plains region. We tap into the authentic character of economically challenged communities to create memorable vacations for individuals and small groups of guests with a hunger for adventure and discovery.
Member since: 13 Mar 2002

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Great Excursions does not usurp control of local resources, but rather works with local stakeholders to identify key demand generators that the community may wish to take into consideration.

Great Excursions provides expertise and will help finance new compatible business ventures on a profit-sharing basis as opportunities arise.

Great Excursions' guests stay in small locally-owned facilities, uses infrastructures already in existence and hires local guides and interpreters whenever possible

Environmental responsibility

During the course of their travels, guests are invited to stay in luxury tents and cots when in remote settings, rather than being bused back to a hotel far away that would deprive them of the integrity of the experience.

Great Excursions donates 1 % of its net income toward the preservation and restoration of natural habitats on the Plains.

Great Excursions recycles all paper materials and ink cartridges in its offices; and uses no disposable dishes or utensils during the course of its trips.

Social responsibility

Guests are briefed on local customs, traditions and protocol from the moment they sign on until the moment they go home.

Guest can enhance their pre and post trip knowledge of the visited area by acquiring pertinent books and reference material made directly available on the Great Excursions web site.

Great Excursions volunteers employee time to various organizations dedicated to natural and cultural heritage preservation, cultural and ethnic relations, tourism development policy-making and archaeological resource management.

Founded Canada in 1998, this company says they appeal to travellers with a ‘hungry mind’. Indeed, they create trips where you feast on adventure, but are so wonderful they leave you craving more.
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