Tasmanian Odyssey

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Tasmanian Odyssey is the only Tasmanian travel specialist in the UK and Europe that provides a comprehensive range of wildlife, walking, wilderness, adventure and nature holidays to Australia’s island state using authentic B&B and eco-accredited accommodation and local guides. The business was set up by Susie de Carteret who has 15 years’ experience in working and travelling around Tasmania, and her local knowledge and contacts are second to none.
Member since: 16 Jan 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Tasmanian Odyssey only works with businesses and suppliers that are either wholly Tasmanian owned or employ local Tasmanian people. Tasmanian Odyssey supports the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to create land reserves and will donate a percentage of its profits on an annual basis. Many of Tasmanian’s Odyssey’s suppliers are also connected either with the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, or with their own environmental charities.

Environmental responsibility

Tasmania was the birthplace of the world’s first Green Party in 1983, created during the successful battle to save the Franklin River from the Hydro Electric damming project. Almost 50% of Tasmania is now protected by national park or World Heritage status and the state has a moratorium on any genetically modified produce. All Tasmanian businesses in Tasmanian Odyssey are tourism accredited and are bound to comply with basic environmental guidelines. Many others take their duty to the environment much further, for example by being wildlife carers and operating under their own rigorous responsible travel policies.

Social responsibility

Tasmanian Odyssey has been established to sell better, more responsible holidays to visitors wishing to appreciate the natural beauty, landscape, wilderness and wildlife in Tasmania, of which 50% is now protected by National Park or UNESCO World Heritage status. All the accommodation, attractions and tour providers in Tasmanian Odyssey are Tasmanian-owned and run, and most are privately-owned by families and locals who have started their businesses because of a deep connection and passion for the environment and its wildlife. Susie has a close personal friendship with the vast majority of her suppliers and she has had personal experience of almost every tour and accommodation she sells. Many of the owners are also wildlife carers or have their own robust responsible travel policy, and all contribute in their own way to the long term wellbeing and welfare of the environment and wildlife in Tasmania. Tasmanian Odyssey would never knowingly sell or promote an accommodation supplier, attraction or tour operator that did not in some way contribute to the long term environmental welfare of the State of Tasmania.

Only travel company in the world dedicated to Tasmania. Words like endemic, environment, eco, exciting and exhilarating are all part of their strapline. Because they get what makes Tassie tick.
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