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Founded in 2003, Amity Tours is a family-owned and operated company based in The Lake & Volcano District (Chile and Argentina). We believe that this enchanting area located between the mountains and the sea is a largely unspoiled zone that is ideal for the conscientious traveler. We pledge to preserve the natural beauty of the area. Accordingly, we have programs exploring the ancestral roots of the region, led by friendly local guides. We offer hiking tours in National Parks and Conservation Land Trusts, bike tours in the Lake and Volcano District, and skiing tours on active volcanoes.
Member since: 03 Feb 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Although we are unable to donate cash because our company is small and our financial resources are very limited, we donate our time and know-how, which can be translated into money. In this field, we constantly train and share our experience in tourism with local indigenous communities that are willing to start up a business in tourism, specially related to ethic tourism. The Lake & Volcano District is an ancestral territory were native people such as Mapuche, Pewenche and Huilliche have lived for centuries. We have a great relationship with them and we usually spent a minimum of 50 hours a year in tourism seminars.

Likewise, 100% of our guides and drivers are local people, and they live with their families in the area the work and guide. They all have a legal contract with us and we pay them wages well above average in the local tourism industry. Also, we are proud to say that one of our best tour guides belongs to the Mapuche people, Chile's largest indigenous group. His name is Ruben Paillalef and you will probably meet him if you take one of our biking or hiking tours. In this same page, our Book Keeper is "seŮora" Flora Colihueque, a very smart Mapuche woman that takes care of all our accounting.

Finally, we buy local everything we can (produce and non pre-prepared food). That is a huge factor for our business.

Environmental responsibility

We recycle all glass, cans and plastic waste. Luckily there are many recycling stations where we operate our tours. Moreover, when we go grocery shopping we always bring our own non-plastic reusable bags. We try to buy in bulk as much as possible (to avoid unnecessary packaging), and carry reusable plates and silverware during all our delicious picnic lunches.

Our tap water is not only safe, it tastes great, so we do not buy bottled water. We use big water containers to carry the water and encourage all our clients to refill their bottles with tap water from the Lake and Volcano District.

We are fully committed to the people of Chile and the World in order to conserve the ecosystems that are present within the Chilean territory. This commitment goes much further than just respecting these ecosystems during our tourist operations. Our company leads and supports projects that are directly related to the industry's sustainable development, as well as those associated with wilderness conservation by private and local communities' Land Trusts throughout Chile.
Through our sister company, Austral Design Lab, we invest all of the profits from the "nonprofit" tours into conservation projects on the national level. Among these projects, we can highlight the following:
a) Chile's First Geopark, KŁtralkura
b) Conservation Tourism product design for Chile's Land Trusts Association
c) Community & Ethnic Tourism in the Kuel Valley

We invite you to get involved in our tours and programs that promote the conservation of Chile's wilderness and the development of local communities. You can choose to play an active role and make this ambitious goal possible. Like us, you can be committed to Chile's fragile and unique ecosystems so that we can keep them as pristine as possible for future generations. Your money and personal support will directly benefit the conservation of the indigenous flora and fauna, as well as the wellbeing of rural communities of Chile.

Social responsibility

We work side by side with the indigenous communities of the Lake and Volcano District. This reflects in our visit to Mapuche and Pewenche communities, where we pay fair prices (usually more than what they charge) and do not ask for "cultural" demonstrations. We let them decide when and what aspects of their culture they want to share with our clients. We encourage them to be genuine and include everyone in their families. We love having lunch or dinner cooked and presented by the indigenous women and usually share a " yerba mate" with the elder people. They have amazing stories to tell.

We take our guests to local markets, only when we know who is the artist and that his/her handcrafts are made in a sustainable way. Getting to know the people behind the product usually makes the tourist to buy more and pay more.

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