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At explorIndya we specialize in planning and conducting personalized Road Trips through South India. We are a completely Family-Run and managed outfit where we believe in providing our guests visiting India, a unique experience as we personally guide them through their travel. Our belief, as a family, is to showcase the varied facets of South India and combining 110-years of our experience, we look to educate and enlighten our guests on South India’s vast history, its diversity in nature, its people, their cultures, religions and their evolving lifestyles; all the while completing the journey responsibly.
Member since: 22 May 2007

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We appreciate the need to conserve local and national forms of art and crafts; we encourage all our guests to buy some artifact as a gesture of support towards the Toda lifestyle.
  • We support of the local village ‘tea shops’ and traditional ‘indian chai’. This not only makes for an unforgettable experience but also benefits the villager’s family not only with the income but the credibility and reputation of his tea.
  • When we arrange treks for our guests, we make sure we use the local tribal guides. Their dedication and knowledge with regards to the forests is commendable and we make sure we give back with some monetary help and also by supplying them with trekking shoes or clothes.

Environmental responsibility

  • As long serving members of the Nilgiri Wildlife & Environmental Association (a local affiliate of the WWF), we actively campaigned to halt the process of timber logging. As a family we started the Save Our Sholas campaign and have planted 350-saplings.
  • ExplorIndya uses hotels/ resorts or homestays along our trips that are either eco-friendly in their outlook and practices or maintain a green-change policy at least, e.g. The Green Hotel, where all its profits are distributed to charitable and environmental projects.
  • We have adopted 98% paperless business practices. Our work and living spaces are based on the open-energy-saving plan, including diffused lamp lighting at night and long-life-low energy bulbs.

Social responsibility

  • We raise funds for essential infrastructure projects like school buildings, playgrounds, irrigation wells, etc in the villages of the area. We contribute both our time & money to a nearby Blind Orphan Childrens Home.
  • We take great pains to make all our guests feel at home with us, feel like a part of our family as we feel this is very important in breaking down barriers between cultures.
  • We take our guests to villages where they can see a project to eradicate the use of child labor from the Silk Saree Industry or a project where an entire village and its craftsmen re-grouped to revive an ancient form of sculpture casting from dying out completely.