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A small activity holiday company based in the French Pyrenees and run by two qualified International Mountain Leaders. We operate as a French company and live in the Pyrenees year round, where we are part of a friendly village community. All of our holidays are based from our own village house and we support the local economy, using exclusively local guides and businesses. We specialise in active mountain holidays with a personal touch guided and independent walking, multi activity, skiing, snowshoeing, or accommodation-only year round.
Member since: 22 May 2007

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Supporting the local economy - we live and work in the Pyrenees year round. We are a French company paying local taxes and are dedicated to supporting our village community
  • We use local guides and instructors, local craftsmen and tradesmen. We encourage our guests to shop in the village and support the small traders.
  • We serve locally-produced meats purchased from our village butcher, including Bareges-Gavarnie AOC lamb which never leaves our valley. We introduce our guests to local honey, cheeses, hams, confit duck & Tarbais beans produced in the SW of France.

Environmental responsibility

  • Our house is gas centrally heated, supplemented with a wood-stove burning wood from a sustainable forest. Our roof and walls are fully-insulated. Our toilets have an eco-flush & we use A-rated appliances. We recycle glass, paper & cardboard, cans and bottles.
  • Many of our walking holidays include a night in a mountain refuge, which has a composting toilet, solar panels and is supplied by donkey. All food waste is consumed by the refuge's own pig! We carry all our rubbish with us back down the mountain.
  • We promote travel to the Pyrenees by public transport (Eurostar to Paris, TGV train to Lourdes, local bus service to Bareges). We also suggest to families that they can bring their own car on the ferry to Spain, thus avoiding short haul flights.

Social responsibility

  • We serve food produced in our valley and the SW of France. We promote local wines and spirits on our house bar. Our guests are encouraged to try local dishes at a mountain restaurant on our night off.
  • The people of the Pays Toys have their own Occitan dialect as well as speaking French. They have been very friendly and we try hard to promote their language and culture. We walk on bergers' paths and past traditional stone barns. We discuss local farming methods, visit the cheese farm, traditional bakery and mills.
  • Our holidays are based from our own traditional house in a high mountain village. We spent two years restoring the house to its former glory, maintaining the original features and using local craftsmen whilst taking steps to improve the energy-efficiency of the house.

Founded by British couple Emma and Robert, not only International Mountain Leaders - they also walked the length of Pyrenees before establishing the company. Parents to 3 children, who better to look after families seeking Pyrenean adventures?
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