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Adventure Holidays at its best: Take a yellow school bus, remodel it into an overland vehicle and bring together a small group of adventure travellers to explore the wilderness of Alaska, Canada, and Western America. Add to this amazing views and encounters with an abundance of wildlife, glaciers and volcanoes! Enjoy the ride and take pictures out of our big windows, play cards or games on the tables and join in the group adventure preparing dinner with us around the campfire. We love our job: Tour Leading and sharing unforgettable memories with like-minded travellers who usually become friends during the trips is what motivates us. We believe that our itineraries are the right mixture of including the essentials and leaving enough space to explore: on your own or with us! We are not ticking boxes and rushing from campsite to campsite.
Member since: 25 Mar 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Being a small family run business, we pride ourselves on developing relationships with the locals, most notably the local suppliers. When we go shopping, provide accommodations, or even when we go ice climbing, we do everything we can to work with small local businesses. If we are shopping, we look for local farmers’ markets to purchase local produce. If we are providing accommodations, we work with people like Mary Jane and Tony Lustufka who have been running a local bed and breakfast for over 20 years. The activities we provide through third party suppliers are with locals like fishing with Jim Lavrakas or a small family run bear viewing company like Smokey Bay Air.

Another example of our dedication to working with local suppliers is when we refurbished the bus into an overland vehicle. We worked side-by-side with Jeff Kuhl, Michiana Millworks, and even stayed with his family while building a long-term relationship for future projects.

Environmental responsibility

The bus, our overland vehicle, is running carbon neutral through Atmosfair carbon offsetting program. As much as we believe that the only right way is to save resources and find ways to reduce CO2 emissions, we also think running our vehicle carbon neutral is a good start: It is a necessary second-best solution for us as a small company. We decided to go with Atmosfair, which is a climate protection organisation with a focus on travel. They actively protect the climate by compensating greenhouse gases through the use of renewable energies, among other activities. This means Infinite Adventures is estimating the fuel consumption for 2014. Three litres of diesel equals 3 kg of CO2. For the amount of CO2 emissions we will pay Atmosfair to compensate and reinvest in green energy projects, biomass, wind and hydropower.

The protection of wildlife and wilderness is of the utmost importance to us. We pride ourselves on making we sure we minimize the usage of local resources such as firewood and water along with teaching our clients the proper ways to view wildlife in their natural habitat. We have certain rules that passengers must follow when interactions with wildlife present themselves. The United States prides itself on its National Parks and Preserves. Each park we visit, the entrance and commercial fees are used to keep the parks and preserves in their most pristine state.

Social responsibility

When we travel throughout North America, there are many different cultures we associate with helping to preserve and develop a better understanding of their heritages. The Native Americans of Monument Valley and Gitxsan Territory are just two of the cultural project we support. The visit to Monument Valley includes a local jeep tour that takes us through the spiritual valley and into the home of a local rug maker. Here we enter a Hogan, Native American dwelling, and discuss the hardships of living within the desert. All the while the elderly woman works on her loom to make rugs to support her family. The ‘Ksan Historical Village and Museum is an excellent way to support a village that has been around for centuries. Our visit helps perpetuate the authentic lifestyles of the people who have always lived there. This experience allows our passengers to understand how these native peoples have evolved over the centuries before and after European contact.

A couple of experienced tour guides converted an old school bus, and created superb itineraries taking people "overlanding" around western N. America, from the desert to the Arctic. Awesome - in every sense.