The Walking Party

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We propose small walking tours for the discerned traveller in Europe and Kenya. We work with small groups of no more than fourteen people and our itineraries are either 8 days or 5 days long. We concentrate on gastronomy and the true heritage of the areas that we work in. The week is led like a house party with a distinctly fun and friendly air and we have donkeys in France and Italy that help carry the load. Picnics take place in idyllic settings. All foods are locally sourced. All hotels are small and charming.
Member since: 13 May 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We support causes that have been created to save small time producers, like CAMRA and SLOW FOOD otherwise of course we work with local businesses who reach for this quality. We use local organic farms and all our foods and wines are carefully and locally sourced. Our restaurants and hotels follow the same principles and are small 7 bedroom hotels of charm with excellent restaurants

Environmental responsibility

A walking party walks through the countryside. You cannot get more grass root than this. We are both councillors in our local council and will always lobby against the disappearing of hedges and other threats to the community such as massive high tension pylon lines or shale gas or wind turbines. The countryside is never safe. On a different level we will hand out one small bottle of water at the beginning of the safari and encourage people to fill this bottle up as the days go by rather than replace the bottle with a new one. We also give train information to encourage people to arrive by train rather than by air. And of course we talk non-stop about the beauty of Slow Food and the small time producer as we meet many of these producers during our walks either by visiting their domains or at the local markets.

  • Yes to recycling of paper. Yes to low energy bulbs.
  • Yes to local guides in our use of local donkey handlers.
  • Yes to visits to local producers: cheese, wine, cured meats and of course we buy their products.

Social responsibility

Each itinerary brings alive local cultural interests: truffle hunters. organic vineyards and flower farms. cheese makers. farmhouse cooks (cooking demonstrations of olde time recipes handed down through the family history) Because we are a husband and wife team we are in situ in every situation and so adhere to all our principles as they are ours!