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Our aim is to offer trips with or without a guide for individual, families or small group tours for those who wish to discover the real Iceland, away from the traditional “package group” and “classic tours”.
Member since: 24 Apr 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

On our tours, we stay in small, usually family-run hotels and guesthouses chosen for their character and tranquillity, eat local food and use the least possible transport. The idea is to take time ("slow travel"), feel, experience and explore places hard to find without possessing the keys.

Our extensive knowledge of Iceland enables us to offer original tour itineraries for different durations at all times of the year, as every season has different experiences to offer. We think that our trips provide a good balance between the region's well-known 'must-sees' and off-the-beaten-track pearls. Alkemia will provide a real insight into Iceland.

Respect for local people, their cultures, traditions and environment are essential to our philosophy and we work hard to ensure our groups have a positive impact on the places and people visited. We hope that our clients will be treated as guests rather than as tourists whilst travelling with us.

Environmental responsibility

We have many ideas and can be flexible regarding our trips, but we want to preserve the essence and spirit of our company as well as respect our adherence to the VVE's charter (Association of Tour Operators and Travellers Eco-Responsible) which is includes the following:

  • We use the least possible transport
  • We respect the environment, visitors and locals
  • We benefit local conservation projects
  • We use local organic food as much as possible with an emphasise on vegetarian products
  • We minimise waste, energy use and other environmental impact
  • We take the time to contemplate, to listen and be present
  • People are encouraged to take care not to cause damage when hiking in nature
  • We focus on quality and simplicity
Please note that all group sizes for our scheduled tours are between 2 and 12. Groups can be accompanied by a tour-leader and guides fully knowledgeable about the country. All transportation is organized by us. We feel that our 'discreet' group sizes lead to less impact both on the environment and the people that we visit. Many of our activities take place in more remote "un-touristy" areas.

Social responsibility

  • We respect the environment, visitors and locals
  • We benefit locals and support conservations
  • Our trips are never sporting challenges
  • We take the time to live, to contemplate
  • We focus on quality and simplicity in everything
  • With all this you can listen, meet, be amazed, be present
Guided tours With your driver and guide you'll experience Iceland more like a guest than a tourist. They will show you their favourite spots, and will tell you the stories and legends attached to every place. Tours often focus on contemplation, meditation, observation of wildlife, meeting of the local people and traditions...

Self drive tours We can offer set itineraries and tailor make a trip especially for you. Should you wish to travel in the winter, summer, autumn or spring for short breaks, or longer trips. As Road conditions in Iceland are often different from those you may be accustomed to, your will receive information on how to drive according to Icelandic road conditions and Icelandic driving regulations.

A French-Icelandic couple with over 15 years guiding experience. Based in Myvatn, they love nothing more than to share the folklore of the island they call home.
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