Secret Paradise

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Secret Paradise is committed to providing affordable Maldives holiday options.

We believe the idyllic white beaches, turquoise lagoons, clear warm waters and coral reefs abundant with marine flora and fauna should be available to everyone regardless of budget.

We offer what other operators in the Maldives donít - Local Island Adventure Tours and Local Island SCUBA Diving, as well as the styles of holiday already associated with the Maldives - Resorts and Liveaboards.

Secret Paradise is a government registered tour operator based in Hulhumale, just 15 minutes by speed boat from Male, the capital of the Maldives, we guarantee guests prompt and efficient personal assistance in their holiday planning.

Delivering high quality standards of service and professionalism guests can rely on Secret Paradise to provide expert local knowledge, clear communication and honest advice. Our guests can expect holidays that are fun, affordable and provide comfort, along with a warm welcome, allowing them to experience both the real Maldives and the best from the paradise we call home.
Member since: 05 Aug 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We use locally owned and operated infrastructure.

  • To help put profits into local hands in order that they can benefit directly
  • To use services developed and managed by locals
We provide employment and business opportunities for local people.
  • All our guides are locals.
  • With the exception of the Sale Director our operations team are all local people.
  • To assist in coaching and development of individuals to widen their experience and career opportunities
We support local charities and organisations
  • We encourage our guests to contribute any remaining local currency at the end of their trip to our nominated charity for that year - ARC Children's Home
  • We support local charities through sponsorship by individuals for members of the team participating in fund raising events - ARC Children's Home

Environmental responsibility

We limit the physical impact of trips and work with our partners to educate and improve awareness within local the community.

  • Wherever possible we and our guests travel by public ie ferries and not private transport ie speedboats.
  • We encourage our guests through either group briefings or distribution of a Welcome leaflet to respect the environment and lead by example in minimising the impact of waste.
  • We encourage our guests to deal with waste appropriately, lead by example and where possible take plastic waste home.
  • We request our divers to follow Project AWARE 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet
  • We brief our snorkelers on reef etiquette
  • We coach and educate our suppliers and local partners in environmental awareness.
Our office team are committed to demonstrating responsible tourism actions.
  • We use both sides of paper and only print documents whenever it is necessary.
  • We ensure PCs and electrical items are turned off overnight
  • The production of our company literature and business cards are produced in the Maldives using local businesses.

Social responsibility

We respect local customs and culture.

  • We want our guests to learn about local customs and cultural practices whilst respecting local dress and cultural requirements
  • It is a practice on all tours to teach basic local language and this is included on our welcome leaflet.
  • Our scheduled group tours include the opportunity to eat at the home of a local family and sample local cuisine ate in local style without the aid of cutlery.
  • We provide guests with pre trip information to ensure they understand the requirements of travelling to a locally inhabited island as well as advising to visit their appropriate Foreign Office website to encourage awareness of social unrest or government requirements.
  • A local guide accompanies our scheduled group trips from time of arrival to departure.
  • A local Secret Paradise partner representative is based at each of the guesthouses with whom we work.