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Hidden Morocco tours is an independent, experienced and professional operator travelling exclusively to the real Morocco using local qualified guides to assist. Our small, select group tours are aimed at guiding our guests through this unique country at a relaxed pace, making the experience an informed and special insight into the culture and customs through interaction with local people. Tours are aimed at couples, singles and select groups of friends allowing us to ensure individual attention to clients requirements.

We are fully committed to supporting and enabling local economies through charitable and conservation projects.
Member since: 26 Aug 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

As part of our commitment to responsible tourism we have developed strong links with the local communities we visit including Artisan and conservation projects as well as a women's weaving cooperative in the Rif mountains. We are careful always to select those who abide by ethical practices and demonstrate a tangible respect for the environment.

Additionally we work closely with an organisation which provides free veterinary care as well as offering guidance on nutrition and proper handling and management of working animals such as the donkeys, mules and the feral cat population of the Medina.

When travelling with us we encourage our guests to find space in their luggage to bring a few essential items such as children's clothing or pencils and books. Alternatively they make donations to support local schools in remote and under developed areas such as the Rif. This support is welcomed whole heartedly by the local community as it si socially acceptable being compatible with the Islamic principal of Alms giving.

Environmental responsibility

The owner of the Auberge we use when in the Rif mountains, Jaber, is both influential and active in supporting local crafts people who are being urged to teach their skills and pass these on to the next generation. We play our part by actively encouraging our guests to purchase their mementoes from these Artisans. Jaber is also currently involved in the construction of a school in an impoverished area and he has joined us in assisting in conservation projects such as the Barbary Macaque awareness and conservation non profit organisation projects. Additionally Jaber trains local disadvantaged people to help run the Auberge and its organic kitchen Gardens as well as hosting many children's educational group holidays from cities such as Casablanca and Tangier.

Our travel information page provides more detailed information including advice on bargaining, local etiquette as well as understanding social mores, customs and traditions, responsible use of local resources such as water and local environmental issues.

Social responsibility

We are morally dedicated to supporting and enabling the local economy through charitable, and conservation projects. We are also committed to respecting, preserving and protecting local crafts, skills, expertise and traditional values. This means that on our tours guests have the opportunity to observe craftspeople and weavers at work, visit craft workshops and shop for unique handmade products direct from the local producer. We also offer visits to the Barbary Macaque conservation project where as small groups we are able to observe them in their natural habitat and donate to help with veterinary care.

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