Adventure Under Sail

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Adventure Under Sail is a small charity based in Weymouth, UK. Our job is to operate the tall ship Pelican of London, a 45 metre main-mast Barquentine the only one of her kind in the world. Pelican is a sail training vessel which means we can sail with people with little or no previous sailing experience and yet still get them actively involved in all aspects of sailing the ship. Each year we have a number of day sails and voyages in the UK and Ireland, Europe, and the Caribbean, open to people of all ages.
Member since: 10 Oct 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

As a registered charity, part of our work is dedicated to fundraising to help make voyages affordable for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. We offer bursaries to those who need them, and offer everyone information and support in fundraising for their voyage, and also for writing bursary applications to charitable organisations or businesses in their local area.

Environmental responsibility

adhere strictly to the rules set out by MARPOL regarding the disposal of waste, emissions from the ship, and use of chemicals. Our ship is stocked for cleaning materials by Evans Vanodine, which supplies us with products with the least harmless ingredients. On board we operate a 'green' ship. This includes a sewage treatment plant, which treats all sewage on board and pumps only clean water back into the ocean. We also have a reverse-osmosis plant which desalinates sea water to make fresh drinking water.

As sailing vessel, we spend as much time as possible travelling under the power of the wind - a sustainable and renewable resource. On the occasions that we do need to use the auxiliary engine, this is fuelled by ultra-low sulphur marine gas oil - an oil with lower emissions that standard marine gas oil or red diesel.

Due to our green credentials, we are able to visit areas that are environmentally sensitive. We use this to visit areas where we can take part in voluntary marine conservation work, such as in the Caribbean. Meanwhile, in the office we have a recycling scheme for all paper, card, bottles, ink cartridges, etc. We use energy-saving light bulbs and do our best to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Social responsibility

We are best known for our work with young people aged 15 - 25 years. Youth development is very important to us and we have found that this age bracket in particular benefits hugely from voyages with us in terms of improved confidence, self-discipline and motivation, and that they gain skills that are transferrable to all areas of their life, such as teamwork, leadership and communication.

We also believe in healthy living. By working on board, our customers feel fitter and healthier.

During our Gap Year voyages we pride ourselves on the voluntary work that we are involved in. In the past this can included work at the impoverished Bequi High School in the Caribbean, supplying them with books. In 2015/16 we plan to take part in voluntary marine conservation work in St Lucia and/or St Kitts.

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