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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We favor locally-owned services and vendors (transport, accommodation, catering, etc.), or small scale providers;
  • We encourage travelers to spend locally and fairly (i.e. purchase crafts directly from the artist, at a fair price)
  • We bring travelers to areas that have expressed the need and desire to welcome travelers, and pay attention to avoid seasonal tourism peaks in a single area.
  • Environmental responsibility

  • We select accommodations, restaurants and transports that show good environmental stewardship, using local materials and produce whenever possible;
  • We pay attention to the impact of travels on seasonal natural and agricultural events (harvests, blooming or mating seasons, etc.)
  • Social responsibility

  • We favor tourism providers who employ local residents at a fair wage, and who provide opportunities for developing their human potential (including training);
  • We respect land and access rights when crafting our itineraries and remain aware of any social or traditional event that might be taking place in the areas visited.