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Bravo Indochina Tours was established in 2009 focusing on the needs of individual travellers who seeks a real experience of Indochina including Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia.
Member since: 26 Sep 2014

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Economic responsibility is an initiative Bravo Indochina Tours took hand-in-handwith Flora and Fauna International, the world's longest running conservation organization. The money raised directly from bookings of nature-based tours help cover the costs of paying local community rangers to patrol remote forest areas. These forests are home to some of the world's rarest and most endangered primates- monkeys and gibbons that are largely unknown to the outside world. Community rangers are members of ethnic minority groups and experience some of the worst poverty in Vietnam. They desperately need support to live better lives, with dignity (through work, not handouts), allowing them to once again live in harmony with their own forests.

Environmental responsibility

Having intimate knowledge of the places we bring travelers to and their local challenges, Bravo Indochina Tours is able to design and operate tours that will maintain the socio- cultural and economic balance, preserving the natural environment and maximizing travelers' personal involvement and that of the local people. For example is a Bravo Indochina Tours annual tour event to raise environmental awareness in one of the most pollution-sensitive areas
of Indochina. Like dragons, protective ancestors of Vietnam, we wind throughout the different bays to green
them up; kayaking to some remote lagoons picking up floating and ground rubbish. It is a meaningful way to
explore the beauty of the site while doing something environmentally worthwhile.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is a partnership between Bravo Indochina and a small Thai ethnic village in the tea country of Moc Chau. Bravo Toursbrings financial investment and tourism management skills to upgrade a traditional house and implement hospitality services and tourism activities on site. The purpose is to provide people with facilities and skills to be able, in the mid-term, to manage their own tourism development and to sustain a new source of income for directly, and indirectly involved local stakeholders.

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