Tistel Wildlife Guiding

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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

As a sole trader I will be the only employee but 10% of my annual net profit will be going to NOAH a Norwegian wildlife charity that helps change peoples views on animal rights on a public and government level. they do work in Norway and the rest of Europe including the UK. I will be importing freeze dried food from the UK to be used on the trip i have been looking for a brand in Norway that can offer the same varied selection as the British one but so far I have not found one but when/if I do I will be changing to the Norwegian Brand.

Environmental responsibility

Tistel Wildlife Guiding will operate in Fulufjellet National Park. To respect the Norwegian law and the National Park we will stay in one location for two days then change camp site so not to cause damage to any one location. We will observe wildlife from a distance while being quiet and down wind when possible not to cause any unneeded stress to the wildlife. After the clients have been dropped off at the airport the rubbish will be taken to a local recycling centre. the Norwegian recycle most of there rubbish by reusing it or by turning it into energy such to create warm water they also export there rubbish to Sweden so it can be used in a similar way. Scandinavia has a much healthier approach to dealing with there rubbish compared to Great Britain.

Social responsibility

As the clients will be taken straight to the National Park then back to the airport after the trip there will not be a large social aspect to this holiday but i would encourage anyone to explore more parts of Norway as it is an amazing country. In the evening i will talk about some old Norwegian folklore and show them Viking constellations.

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