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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We are a local company ourselves based in Helsinki. Directly our company employs 3 other entrepreneurs taking care of our sales in different languages.

Indirectly we bring employment to many regions in Finland, not only to the cities but also to remote regions suffering from higher unemployment and migration such as Lapland, archipelago or eastern parts of the country and countryside in general.

Our aim is to make the seasons longer and encourage people to travel to Finland also outside the main tourist seasons. For example in Lapland the high season is at the moment from December to March but in fact April as well as September are even more beautiful.

Environmental responsibility

Unique nature with its four seasons is our most valuable asset. We respect the nature and emphasise services leaving the minimum ecological footprint in the nature. We make ecological choices by promoting activities like sailing, cycling, hiking, paddling, rowing, reindeer or husky rides rather than motorsports although we cannot totally avoid these either.

We currently are under process of signing a contract with Metsähallitus, which is a government organisation taking care of the state owned forest areas and National Parks. By contracting their partners they want to promote ecologically sustainable tourism.

As often as possible we include a visit to a local nature centre in our tour program.

Social responsibility

We have included visits to Unesco World Heritage sites in our activities. We are promoting artists, artisan villages such as Fiskars and including visits to the local artisan or design houses in our tours.

We like to bring up local projects like rowing events or music festivals in case we are able to build up a tour meeting our four basic criteria of authenticity, professionalism, safety and convenience.