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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

The way we have to create our experiences is always using local resources to give a real profit to the local population and its business. Gastronomy and tradition are the basics of understanding the Basque culture, and that is why we suggest visitors about local products, food and drinks connected to this beatiful and tasty land (like Idiazabal cheese or the white wine Txakoli). This is a very interesting way to promote the responsible travel, with a positive impact on the local community.

We also encourage our guests to interact with local people, with a Spanish common phrases document, and to practice their new knowledge in local shops.

Environmental responsibility

We live in the land that we promote and we love its natural beauty. Preserving this is a strong reason for us encouraging all visitors to act responsibly and to respect the wildlife. This ensures that the environmental impacts of our activities are kept to a minimum.
In order to reduce vehicular traffic, we offer picking up and dropping to airports and train stations at the beginning and end of the experiences.

We reuse and recycle paper. We use ecological paper in all our publicity brochures and other documents to do a responsible use of the natural resources, and we do not print anything except the necessary to save paper. Besides, on arrival our guests are given information on recycling in this part of Spain and suggestions for how to reduce water use. With all the documents, we also give them tips and suggestions to visit local projects.

Social responsibility

One of the main goals in our company is to promote local culture, with its traditions, gastronomy and everything that make this land, the Basque Country, unique but in a responsible way. We work in small groups, taking our time to know the authentic local life and  having real contact with local people and projects. We really believe that when all these things are brought closer to the visitors and they realize it is something with a high cultural value, it is easier to preserve it over time.

When booking, all our guests are advised to visit a website with all the information about social, historical and political situation in the Basque Country, linked as well in our website. Our land has a peculiar history and we want people coming here to know as much as possible about the culture, so they can enjoy it better. In the welcoming packet is recommended to visit some cultural spots to go deep in the tradition of this special land. In order to help visitors to interact with locals they are given a common phrases document in Euskera and Spanish to help them to encourage the challenge.

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